Banc De Swiss

Minimum deposit 10 GBP
Minimum trade 1 GBP
Maximum trade 5,000 GBP
Mobile App available? Yes
Demo Account available? Yes
Signal Service available? Yes, for free

At Banc De Swiss, you can buy binary options based on commodities, currency pairs, indices and equity. Commodities isn’t the largest section (equity is), but you can find a few interesting ones here.

So, why are commodity binary option traders choosing to sign up with Banc De Swiss? Here are a few reasons:

  • With a minimum deposit of just 10 GBP, you don’t need a big bankroll to get started trading commodity binary options if you chose Banc De Swiss as you broker.
  • The smallest possible trade here is just 1 GBP, which means that you can carry out many trades even with pretty limited funds available. It also means that you can engage is fairly advanced risk management tactics without having to have access to a large amount of money to risk.
  • Free Signal Service that includes trade directions, target entry point and target exit point.
  • Good charting tools are available

The trading platform

This broker use the well-known SpotOption platform for binary option trading. The Forex and CFD trading takes place on another platform (a bespoke one).

To try out the SpotOption platform, you can use the demo account. You have to register to get access to a demo account (but you don’t have to deposit any money) and you have to contact an account manager to have demo funds added to your demo account. This is a bit cumbersome, especially when we consider that several other binary option brokers online will allow you to test drive their trading platforms with a demo account without even signing up first.

Using the SpotOption platform is easy and you can load up to 16 assets at the same time. You start by choosing asset or market, and then proceed to select expiry time, trade size and direction.

Examples of binary options available here


Will the price of the underlying be higher than a certain predetermined point when the binary option expires?

Pair Trading

Two assets compete against each other, e.g. Gold vs. Silver. Which one will have performed best when the binary option expires?

One Touch

Will the price of the underlying touch a certain predetermined point at any time during the lifetime of the binary option?


Will pre-set price levels be reached?

Ladder-style binary options normally offer higher payouts if the price movement required is large.


BD Swiss accepts several different banking methods, including several credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets. You can also use wire transfer.

Dormant accounts

Just like most other brokers online, BD Swiss charges a fee for dormant accounts. Your account is deemed dormant after 6 months of inactivity. For a dormant account, a dormancy fee will be charged each month. The dormancy fee is 10% of the account balance, although always at least 25 EUR and never more then 80 EUR.

Other features

  • Advanced charting tools
  • Free Signal Service (trading alerts)

About BDSwiss

Banc De Swiss (BDSwiss) was established in 2012. In addition to binary option trading, it also offers CFD trading and Forex trading.

Banc De Swiss is a company registered on Cyprus, with the registration number 300153. It is licensed by CySec; license #199/13.